Under the Umbrella of Nolcha Shows

As Nolcha Shows celebrates its 15th year at NYFW featuring a range of digital wearables, AR/VR, AI, interactive fashion gaming, and sustainable fashion, DeMODE is both honored and thrilled to serve as a centerpiece of this groundbreaking fashion tech lounge experience.

About DeMODE by Modernist x MetaBurnett

Co-created by Modernist and MetaBurnett, DeMODE breaks all conventional fashion paradigms. This exclusive, immersive, and interactive experience is destined to be a landmark moment at NYFW. The showcase will convene fashion influencers, celebrities, industry frontrunners, and technology innovators to explore the future of fashion and art in a digitally convergent reality. From NFC tags on runway garments to digital collectibles that highlight designers and sponsors, DeMODE promises a memorable and rewarding experience for its exclusive, invite-only audience.

Kelly Max, Founder and Creative Maverick of Modernist:

"In collaboration with my partner Emily Burnett, we've envisioned an unparalleled merger of technology and artistry in DeMODE. This experience doesn't just stop at the runway; it extends all the way to the moon, quite literally. My Modernist partner, Samy Halim, and I are thrilled to make human history and are grateful to all who came together to make DeMODE magical."

DeMODE is backed by a sterling list of high-profile partners from top designers to transformative Web3 and lifestyle brands.

Expect to see the Modernist’s vibrant digital art to serve as the mood board for models on stage dressed in designs from cutting-edge designers such as Romeo Hunte, known for his deconstructed, unisex, sexy, chic street styles and A-list celebrity power dressing, Pamela Dennis, an iconic industry veteran in eveningwear, and Renee Cafaro Atelier Public Label, fashion’s most inclusive luxury designer set to show in Paris later this week. More inclusions are Designs by Outer, an Australian talent that merges art with fashion, Merci Dupre, who infuses high fashion with technical materials with environmental protection properties, 1. Cre ar+, the sustainable luxury and women run vision of designer Yola Colón, Teddy McRitchie Designs 20-year-old Queensland, Australia based Avant-Garde Fashion and Costume Designer, Ms. Jaxn Designs, a vibrant talent who has made her mark using bold and vibrant creative prints, Stephanie Dillon, internationally acclaimed artist at the forefront of sustainable fashion, and urban chic accessories by Robin Hoodd.

Upon using Twin Tag Technology from global packaging leader R-Pac, experience unlockable 3D content, win prizes, and engage with the designers through web3 enabled technology powered by MetaBurnett and AlphaA.io

Showcase partners for DeMODE include BitBasel, SpaceBlue, Lunaprise, R-Pac, Alphaa.io, DCG Media, Fashion Mingle, Global Luxury, and Total Trends Intl.

Emily Burnett, Founder & CEO of MetaBurnett:

"Our designers and partners bring a universe of fashion skills, tech expertise, and vision, transforming DeMODE into a transcendent, multidimensional experience. In a groundbreaking collaboration MetaBurnett partnered with AlphaA, a pioneering fan engagement solution powered with state-of-the-art digital features to create a .ia token app and seamless wallet experience to R-Pac's NFC Twin Tag Technology fashion label enablement and BitBasel's and SpaceBlue's celestial curation, this is not just another fashion event; it's a technological and cultural movement."

A Cosmic Journey to the Lunaprise Moon Museum

In a historic first, DeMODE will extend its artistic reach beyond Earth. Digital twins of showcased Modernist art will be sent to the moon in 2023 as part of the permanent Lunaprise Moon Museum. These pieces will be transported via a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket (NASA IM-1 - Lunaprise Payload) and are curated by SpaceBlue.

For more details about the DeMODE creators, and the broader Nolcha Shows experience, please explore Modernist and MetaBurnett and read the article on nolchashows.com.